Jefferson County
Association for Home and Community Education

About Us:

Jefferson County HCE began in 1942 with 4 active units


Sidney Laird, 618-279-7769   
Donna Vancil, 618-231-7515

Upcoming Events for 2020:

  January 11 Mystery Quilt sewing class
  March 24 Spring Advisory Meeting/Lesson
  April 28 Annual Meeting
  August 27 Fall Advisory Meeting
  October 13 International Night

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Jefferson County has (4) Units:

Belle Rive - meets at 9am on the first Thursday of the month
Field - meets at 2pm on the first Monday of the month at Rome Meadow
Trendsetters - meets at 6pm on the second Monday of the month
Waltonville - meets at 1pm on the first Tuesday of the month at Waltonville VFW
                 "New Members are always welcome"

Upcoming Lessons for 2020:

  January Impact of Substance Abuse on Family Relationships
  February 11, 10am Inflammation and Arthritis
  March Magnum Steel Works tour
  April 28, 5:30pm A Pharmacist's View on Therapeutic Hemp Extracts
  May 13, 11am Pollinator Gardens and Bees
  July 8, 11am Ready for Retirement?
  August 27, 5:30pm Iron Deficiency
  September Skin Cancer and Other Skin Disorders
  October 13, 5:30pm International Night, Country of Study, Uruguay
  November 10, 10am Understanding Impact of Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Jefferson County Board Members:

  President Sidney Laird
  Secretary Janice Wagner
  Treasurer Treasa Brookman
  1st Vice President Karen Lamke
  2nd Vice President Imogene Lamczyk
  Family & Community Outreach Donna Vancil
  Cultural Enrichment / 4H & Youth Sarah Mae Waite
  International & Public Relations Barb Shurtz
  Journal Editor Silvana Morss
  Journal Printing & Mailing Diane Laur

Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 9am at the Don Lee Building