Jefferson County
Association for Home and Community Education

About Us:

Jefferson County HCE began in 1942


Sidney Laird, 618-279-7769   
Donna Vancil, 618-231-7515

Upcoming Events for 2019:

  January 2 & 16 Table runner sewing class
  February 15 Soup & Game Night/Membership Drive
  March 9 Barn Quilt Painting Class
  April 13 Teddy bears for State Police sewing class
  April 29 Annual Meeting
  August 22 Fall Advisory Meeting
  October 8 International Night

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Jefferson County has (4) Units:

Belle Rive - meets at 7pm on the second Wednesday of the month
Field - meets at 7pm on the first Monday of the month
Trendsetters - meets at 6pm on the second Monday of the month
Waltonville - meets at 1pm on the first Tuesday of the month
                 "New Members are always welcome"

Upcoming Lessons for 2019

  January Cooking for One or Two
  February What's New in the Kitchen
  March Communicating with individuals with Dementia
  April 200th Anniversary of Jefferson County
  May Small Gardening
  June Crafting with Jars
  August Caregiver Self-Care
  September Wills and Trusts
  October International Night, Country of Study, India
  December Hearing Aids

Jefferson County Board Members:

  President Sidney Laird
  Secretary Janice Wagner
  Treasurer Treasa Brookman
  2nd Vice President Imogene Lamczyk
  Family & Community Outreach Donna Vancil
  Ways & Means/CVH Jeanie Peek
  Cultural Enrichment - 4H & Youth Sarah Mae Waite
  International & Public Relations Barb Shurtz
  Journal Editor Silvana Morss
  Journal Printing & Mailing Diane Laur

Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 9am at the Don Lee Building