Woodford County
Association for Home and Community Education

About Us:

We're always looking to welcome persons interested in learning, volunteering and expanding their social relationships.


Helen Heinz, 2nd Vice President, Woodford County HCA Board
Phone:  (309) 367-4481    Email Address:  sewfun@mtco.com

Location of County Lessons:

Most lessons are presented at:  Woodford County Extension Office
109 E. Eureka Avenue, Eureka, Il 61530      Phone: (309) 467-3789
Email Address:   uie-lmw@mx.uillinois.edu

Lessons for 2018 - 2019 year:

  Room Arrangements and Decorator'sAdvice
  Satisfying Soups
  Something New in Fondue
  How Illinois became a State
  Maple Syrup
  Pollinators/How to Help Them
  Pressure Cookers/A New Safer Generation
  Vinegar/A Most Helpful Liquid
  Accessorizing Our Homes

Events and Service:

  Collecting tabs for Ronald McDonald House
  Support for the 4-H program in Woodford County
  Hold monthly Diabetic Clinics
  Cultural Arts Events
  Community Projects

Units in Woodford County and Meeting Dates:

  Germantown Hills Unit First Monday of month - afternoon meeting
  Hilltoppers Unit Second Thursday of month - afternoon meeting
  Metamora Unit First Wednesday of month - afternoon meeting
  Minonk 76er's Unit First Thursday of month - evening meeting
  Oakmora Unit Fourth Monday of month - evening meeting
  Roanoke Unit Second Thursday of month - afternoon meeting
  Round 'Bout Roanoke Unit Third Tuesday of month - evening meeting
  Sunrise Unit Second Tuesday of month - morning meeting
  Walnut Grove Unit First Tuesday of month - evening meeting

Woodford County has 102 members in 9 units.
Annual dues for each unit member are $10.00  -  At large dues are $12.50 per year.